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Heres a nifty little quiz thing I found. Here's how it works. You name 20 musicians, and make your friends name your favorite songs by them. If you get it right, you get a point. The people with the highest points will get a prize. It will either be 1st or 1st through 3rd, depending on how many participate.

[taken from Chaddesperation

1.My Chemical Romance//3 songs

2. Green Day//2 songs

3.Yellowcard//view from heaven ,believe +2 more

4.Michelle Branch// goodbye to you +2 more

5. Boxcar Racer//1 song

6. Good Charlotte//3 songs

7. Fall Out Boy//2 songs

8. Sugarcult//2 songs

9. Taking Back Sunday//2 songs

10. 12 Stones//2 songs

11. The Starting Line//1 song

12. New Found Glory//2 songs

13. Story of the Year//1 song

14.Simple plan// shut up +2 more

15. Foo Fighters//3 songs

16.Blink182//I miss you +2 more

17. Incubus//2 songs

18.Bowling for soup// almost +1 more

19.Three days grace// just like you +1 more

20 All American Rejects//2 songs.

desperation7 points

good luck on this, you might need it.
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